We’re going to kick off the opening blog post with a doozy: It now seems like it might be possible to prevent covid-19, cure it, and stop the cytokine storm that kills people in the advanced cases (though the “cure” may be premature as we’ll discuss below). You may need this info now in case you get sick or you have a family member that is immunocompromised. Caveat: I’m not an M.D. and I don’t play one on TV.


I just got back from 40 hours of international flying for 10 days through Asia, starting March 18th, and bumping elbows with hundreds of people in Bangkok, Phuket, and Tokyo, and (unless I’m completely asymptomatic which is totally possible) I’m totally healthy, which is unusual because I always get sick after international flights.



You might wonder why some gigantic a**hole would violate social distancing to such a degree as to endanger himself and dozens or potentially hundreds of other people, perhaps even resulting in someone’s death. Well let me say that I’m not against social distancing. Not encountering covid-19 will always be your best way of not contracting it. But being exposed to it doesn’t mean you will get it, and you can radically reduce your contraction chances upon exposure by following Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol for prevention which I’ll describe below. I had meetings and lectures scheduled but in the end most were cancelled at the last minute and the biggest benefit was an N=1 test of the prevention protocol. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to get tested without symptoms in the U.S. so I’m self-quarantining in case I’m one of those asymptomatic cases. Having said that, I feel great.




I didn’t even wear a mask on my flights (in the first flight I tried but the mask strap broke before take-off, and on the second flight I was confident enough in the propolis throat spray). Maybe I never encountered anyone with covid, or just got lucky (but all the coughing on the crowded planes suggests otherwise).


Things have changed a lot since I first sent message out to my family a couple of weeks ago when all of this was totally unknown. Now the FDA here in the U.S. has just officially recognized what might be the cure. Initially, a French team had a 20/20 success rate, then successfully treated 79/80, then a New York MD successfully treated 699 people so I think we likely have a cure on hand and you may have already heard about it at this point.


So, the beneficial news for you may only be on the prevention side and on the technique for stopping the “cytokine storm” that kills people with advanced cases. If you contract covid and you’re dealing with your average  MD, you’ll want to explain what you expect of the him or her regarding curing you and preventing the cytokine storm so that you get better, not worse. Hence this email for you or someone you care about.


Dietrich Klinghardt is perhaps most famous for his success treating autism and Lyme disease but is well-known for his independent thinking. He’s clearly a genius of sorts. Whether or not he’s also crazy is also an open question. I interned with Dr. “K” for a week treating patients many years ago. He’s an amazing individual.


His recent video documents the cure (and a lot more background info) for Covid-19. This is a hardcore video that won’t be easy to watch in its entirety so I’ve summarized the key points below. If you do watch it you’ll want to make sure to play it in “HD” format and enlarge the video so that you can read the fine print on his slides.






1) ***Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), easy to find on Amazon

2) ***Propolis (easy to find in health stores and Amazon) 


3) Vit C + liposomal Vit C (at least 4+ grams/day to get close to the low Chinese Vit C IV levels that seemed to work)

4) Zinc Lozenges (Russ–let dissolve into back of throat while laying down, ideally)

5) Vid D, keep levels high (10,000+ iu’s), and better yet, get some sun

6) Liposomal Glutathione (Russ)

7) Avoid sugar which drops your immune protection 50% immediately after consumption for a few hours. If you’re regularly spiking your blood sugar with bread, candy, pasta, pastries, fruit it will be weakened almost 24/7, so stop all sugars/high-glycemic foods (Russ). Coincidence that the land of pasta and pizza got hit the hardest? Maybe (but the Italians are also pretty touchy-feely so who knows?). 



1) ***Hydroxychoroquine/chloroquine phosphate (plaquenil) 600mg for 10 days

2) ***Zithromycin (500mg attack dose 1-3 days followed by a week of 250mg/day)


3) Andrographis Paniculata (dropperful, 4-5x/day—powerful anti-furin supplement to help cytokine storm)

4) Alinia (nitazoxanide/daxon) (1000mg twice daily for 10 days)

5) Artesnate (Sweet Annie is herb form—1 pipette 4-5x/day)

6) Melatonin (HUGE doses up to 200mg/day divided throughout the day in advanced cases)

7) Nitric Oxide enhancers (various options, beet powder, etc. But don’t use arginine!)

8) Vit-C (HUGE doses 1 gram every 20min; 2 grams every 20min if there are still symptoms after 24 hours). Try to get a Vit C IV asap



WiFi/EMF radiation

ACE inhibitors (including selenium)

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories


Sugar (Russ)


I won’t try to recap the whole video, but if you maintain constant hygiene, spray with HOCL in the eyes, nose, throat, and mouth + Propolis in the throat regularly, take Vit C (with half in liposomal form), you should prevent covid from ever taking hold in your throat which is where it typically needs to get a footing in order to progress. Covid seems to attack those with low glutathione levels which is not surprising. You can get liposomal glutathione on Amazon easily. This won’t prevent Covid but reduce the likelihood. HOCL and propolis will immediately kill it in your throat, nose, and eyes before has a chance to multiply. Spray frequently when you’re at risk for higher exposure.


Hypochlorous Acid Spray:


Propolis Spray:


Liposomal Glutathione:



If it starts with bad stomach issues it’s much more serious. Death and severe lung damage occurs from a massive cytokine attack which basically blocks your lungs from taking up O2 and you suffocate. Blocking the cytokine onslaught is critical. This requires enormous doses of melatonin up to 200mg/day, including suppositories at night and raising your nitric oxide levels (beet juice, etc.). Oddly, one study showed a 15X instant nitric oxide increase in your nasal passages from humming as you exhale (yes, humming). Weird. Vit C also helps. But you want to cure the patient before the cytokine storm occurs. The basic cure is plaquenil + zithromycin which should be started before it progresses. We now have > N=800 with a near 100% cure rate with these. This is without the “also” (additional) components tthat Dr. K recommends above. But note that chorloquine is harsh on the liver and definitely not completely safe. (For that matter neither is *any* antibiotic like zithromycin which destroys one’s critically important gut microbiome.)


One other French study shows no antiviral clearance from “the cure”: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0399077X20300858?via%3Dihub.  See also: http://theconversation.com/a-small-trial-finds-that-hydroxychloroquine-is-not-effective-for-treating-coronavirus-135484


Do not force yourself to eat if you get sick. Calorie causes mitophagy and autophagy which will help you heal. You can use a nebulizer with HOCL and propolis to cover surfaces in the room and get deeper in the lungs. 


Dr K refers to geneticists who claim that a genetic analysis of Covid-19 show human vectors were inserted. I.e., it appears to be man-made not natural. James Weiller has since taken back his own claim on this: https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2020/01/30/on-the-origins-of-the-2019-ncov-virus-wuhan-china/


The death rate at Evergreen Hospital, recently rigged with 5G, was 60% (versus the 1-20% we see otherwise). He is adamant that studies show that EMF forces more calcium ions into the cells which is already exacerbated by Covid, making inflammation much worse by activating inflammasomes. Kill your Wifi (at least at night). Keep the mobile phone away from your head and use the speaker on your phone. Also, you want to avoid ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs, and Tylenol at all costs. We also know that EMF causes “heightened vigilance” (i.e., paranoia) and lots more but Dr. K’s worry here is the danger from immunosuppression. 


Covid-19 seems to attack men (80%) and women (20%) with pregnant woman and children not affected much at all. K’s theory is that the higher melatonin levels in pregnant women and the young are the difference here and the sex bias is because Covid was engineered that way (no comment). 


French Study that cured 20/20: https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Hydroxychloroquine_final_DOI_IJAA.pdf


Newer French study 79/80:



New York doctor 699/699:



FDA Authorization:



Dr. K’s store (for the more exotic pieces of the puzzle): https://kiscience.com 


O.k., stay safe out there (and don’t be like me) 🙂